October 18, 2007

Cabbage Soup Diet

Here is a good recipe for losing as much as 10 pounds in a week thanks to the powerful fat-burning properties of cabbage? That's the hopeful promise of this classic fad diet that's been around for decades. Instead of counting calories, the Cabbage Soup Diet has dieters fill up on cabbage soup (recipes vary but it's generally made from cabbage, green peppers, onions, celery and water) for a seven-day period. In addition to soup, dieters are also allowed to have certain foods, such as tomatoes, meats, vegetables and skim milk, depending on the day of the week. (Certain versions of the diet may call for different portion sizes of these foods.) However, the diet stresses that the more soup you eat in lieu of these additional foods, the more weight you'll ultimately lose. After one week, dieters are expected to go back to their regular eating habits for two weeks before attempting the diet once more. Although there doesn't seem to be any limited set number of times you can keep use the plan, it's recommended to check with a physician beforehand each attempt.

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