November 04, 2007

Wisdom of Peasants

In this age of mass global tranportation, exotic fruits and vegetables are moved across the seas to cater to different palates. Does consumption of these foreign foods affect our well-being and how?

Watch the peasants, it is said. The Japanese fisherfolk eat oysters, rice and sea-weed and live long and healthy lives. This is what is available locally and is akin to the region. Mountain people anywhere in the world are known to enjoy highly healthy lives. Again thier staple diet is grown around the region. There is wisdom in this. Nature meant it to be that way.

I do not understand how one can eat New Zealand grown apples on a hot and humid Indian summer afternoon, when you should be relishing the numerous juicy and pulpy home grown mangoes. I do not mean that one should never try exotic stuff and food from different lands. NO. Far from it. But to make the locally grown food a major portion of your intake is wisdom. Everything in moderation. And you'll never need to visit a doctor again. That is the recipe for a long life and this is the wisdom of the peasants.

What the Indian Yogi's say

Breakfast -- Like a King.
Lunch -- Like a common man.
Supper -- Like a beggar.

The Russians have a similar saying.

Breakfast -- Eat alone.
Lunch -- Share it with friends.
Supper -- Give it away.

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