July 09, 2010

The Vitamin Supplement Paradox

We Humans have never been so concerned and cautious about our health as we are today. Yet, a large (and increasing) majority of us do not enjoy the robust health as compared to our ancestors. Ads hype vitamin and mineral supplements as the panacea for dramatic change in health. The PARADOX . In the thousands of years of human existence, supplements have been around for a few decades, yet humans are in worst health than ever before. Contagious diseases have definitely reduced but degenerative diseases - a Big NO. Popping vitamins pills does not guarantee health. The bottom-line is this - Eat a balanced diet with a minimum of five portions of vegetables/fruits and you will never need a vitamin pill. By the way pills do not come cheap.

And yes! Avoid aerated drinks like the plague (unintended). They suck out vitamins and minerals from our bodies. Have a naturally healthy body.

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