September 10, 2007

Foods for Love

Want to improve your love life? Try the following foods. As an added gain these foods are good for general well being and other health benefits. These foods are known to have an aphrodisiac effect. Named after the Greek Goddess of Love, aphrodisiacs have been used by every civilization.


That brown gooey stuff that is loved by young and old alike. Chocolate = cocoa + latte (milk).Chocolate releases the same feel good-hormone Phenylethylamine (PEA) that is released during love making. The other foods that contain PEA are almonds, soya, avocadoes, peanuts to name a few.


Garlic is known to boost libido in both men and women. It helps in increasing desire and performance during love making. In Indian homes infants with colds and stomach ailments are given a spoonful of milk with a clove of garlic lightly crushed in it.


The Chinese always believed it to be an aphrodisiac and used it to treat impotence. The Greeks ate it folded in a piece of bread and hence the name - gingerbread. In India ginger is used for various ailments. A thin slice of ginger kept under the tongue is a surefire cure for motion sickness. Headache? Apply a paste of ginger and lemon juice for instant relief. (It will burn though)


Honey is a well known aphrodisiac. Young newly-weds took honey mixed with wine to boost their performance and build stamina. Hence the name - honeymoon. One month full of honey and of course lovemaking. Honey has other uses as well. Apply a mixture of honey and glycerin to cure mouth sores.

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