November 07, 2007

Benefits of Exercise

For most of us keeping fit and healthy is a balance between regular exercise and healthy eating.

Given a choice, the average person on the street prefers eating a healthy and nutritious diet is a preferable option to simply undertaking an exercise schedule.

Whilst you can get away for a time with eating and drinking badly for some time, effects of bad diet will eventually catch up with you.

That muscular body will lose its’ firm tone, skin will loosen and crease, the gut will sag and you will show your age even though you may remain and feel physically strong.

Keeping to healthy sensible eating habits can maintain good skin tone, keep the body looking trim and slim and your mind alert so you stay and feel younger looking for longer.

OK so you don’t look the best physical specimen on the block but you will stay looking passable a lot longer than the smoking, drinking, and food junkie on his daily exercise kick.

So there it is! To look good and stay looking good there is no substitute for combining a healthy diet with a sensible exercise workout schedule. This is the only recipe for a healthy body and mind. So go ahead and get your daily dose of intense exercise. But ofcourse, as always, get your physicians advice before embarking on any exercise regimen.

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